Exam board: AQA


Year 9

  Topic taught
Term 1 Economic foundations 
Term 2 Resource allocation 
Term 3 How prices are determined 
Term 4 Elasticity of demand, elasticity of supply 
Term 5 Production, costs revenue and profit 
Term 6 £2 charity challenge 


Year 10

  Topic taught
Term 1 Production, costs, revenue and profit, competitive markets, non-competitive markets 
Term 2 Concentrated markets, market failure 
Term 3 How the economy works - National economy, government objectives 
Term 4 Government objectives – Economic growth and employment 
Term 5 Government objectives – Inflation and price stability, balance of payments
Term 6 Country development tasks and research – focus on social, economic and cultural changes in a variety of countries. 


Year 11

  Topic taught
Term 1 Government objectives – recap of all so far 
Term 2 Government objectives – distribution of income, how government manages the economy – fiscal policy 
Term 3 How government manages the economy – monetary policy, supply-side policy, policy to correct positive and negative externalities 
Term 4 International trade and global economy. Exchange rates, trade agreements, globalisation and the role of money and financial markets. 
Term 5 Revision for exams