Work Experience

Work Experience

Every year we support Year 10 and Year 12 students to become part of the work force in Frome and surrounding areas to complete a week of work experience (WEX). With a greater emphasis on developing the employability skills of our students, this week provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have been acquiring whilst at the College and also gave students the chance to experience a full working week. Students often comment that the week gives them real insight in to the jobs or careers they are hoping to pursue. Many also feel the experience encourages them to think more strategically about their personal goals and the purpose behind succeeding in their studies. Lack of work experience is a reason for employers rejecting job applications, so providing this opportunity is key to our students’ employability.

Each year this is only possible through the amazing support of local employers. On behalf of the school and the students we would like to thank all of the employers for their ongoing help supporting work experience weeks. Without their time, energy and support, work experience would not be possible.

If you are able to offer a work placement to a Year 10 or 12 student please email for more details.

Year 10

Students complete one week of work experience.

Year 12


Students complete work experience during a designated week in term 6. Students should use this week to find a meaningful placement that will help to support their future applications and CVs. It is advised to start applying for a placement as soon as possible as placements can be difficult to find.