Computer Science

Exam board: OCR


Year 9

  Topic taught
Term 1 Data Representation 
Term 2 Programming 
Term 3 Programming 
Term 4 Programming 
Term 5 Programming and Algorithms  
Term 6 Computer Systems 


Year 10

  Topic taught
Term 1 Systems and Networks 
Term 2 Programming  
Term 3 Logic and Languages, Algorithms  
Term 4 Algorithms 
Term 5 Algorithms, Ethics 
Term 6 Systems software and security, programming project 


Year 11

  Topic taught
Term 1 Data representation, Networks  
Term 2 Systems architecture, memory and storage  
Term 3 Algorithms, Programming and Boolean logic  
Term 4 Producing robust programs, ethics, network security 
Term 5 Systems software, programming languages and IDEs, GCSE revision