Year 12

Term 1 Algebra and functions, coordinate geometry in the (x,y) plane, further algebra, trigonometry
Term 2 Vectors (2D), differentiation, integration, exponentials and logarithms
Term 3 Statistical sampling, quantities in units and mechanics, kinematics 1 (constant acceleration)
Term 4 Data presentation and interpretation, forces and Newton's laws, pure AS mock
Term 5 Kinematics 2 (variable acceleration), probability, statistical distributions, statistical hypothesis testing, Y13 sequences and series
Term 6 Applied AS mock, Y13 proof, Y13 algebraic and partial fractions, Y13 functions and modelling, Y13 the binomial theorem


Year 13

Term 1 Trigonometry, differentiation, numerical methods
Term 2 Parametric equations, vectors (3D), integration, moments
Term 3 Pure mock, regression and correlation, forces at any angle, application of kinematics
Term 4 Probability, the normal distribution, application of forces, further kinematics
Term 5 Revision and pure and applied mocks


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