Maths (Further)

Core Pure Mathematics AS content Core Pure Mathematics - Remaining A level content
Unit 1: Complex numbers (part 1) Unit 1: Complex numbers
Unit 2: Matrices Unit 2: Hyperbolic functions
Unit 3: Complex numbers (part 2)  Unit 3: Polar cordinates
Unit 4: Series Unit 4: Further algebra and functions (series)
Unit 5: Algebra and functions Unit 5: Further calculus
Unit 6: Proof Unit 6: Differential equations
Unit 7: Vectors  
Unit 8: Calculus  

Option 1
Decision Mathematics 1 AS Content Decision Mathematics 1 A Level Content
Algorithms and graph theory Algorithms and graph theory (part 2)
Algorithms on graphs I (Part 1) Algorithms on graphs I (part 2)
Algorithms on graphs II (Part 1) Algorithms on graphs II (part 2)
Linear programming (part 1) Linear programming (part 2)
Critical path analysis (part 1) Critical path analysis (part 2)


Option 2
Further Mechanics 1 - AS content Further Mechanics - Remaining A Level content
Momentum and impulse (part 1) Momentum and impulse (part 2)
Work, energy and power Elastic strings and springs and elastic energy
Elastic collisions in one dimension Elastic collision in two dimenstions


Option 3
Further Statistics 1 - AS content Further Statistics - remaining A Level content
Poisson and binomial distributions (part 1) Geometric and negative binomial distributions
Discrete probability distributions  Hypothesis testing
Poisson and binomial distributions (part 2) The Central Limit Theorem
Chi squared tests (part 1) Chi squared tests (part 2)
  Probability generating functions
  Quality of tests


Option 4
Further Pure 1 - AS content Further Pure 1 - remaining A Level content
t-formulae Further calculus
Conics Further differential equations 
Further vectors Further conics
Further numerical methods Further vectors
Inequalities Simpson's Rule
  The modulus function
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