Exam board: AQA


Year 12

  Topic taught
Term 1 Economic methodology, PPF curves, demand, supply and elasticities. 
Term 2 Production, specialisation and division of labour, elasticities, revenue, market structures, monopoly, competitive markets 
Term 3 Market failure, merit and demerit goods, government failure,  
Term 4 Index numbers, circular flow of income, aggregate demand and supply 
Term 5 Aggregate demand, aggregate supply, economic growth, employment 
Term 6 Inflation, deflation, balance of payments, current account, conflicts of policy objectives, monetary and fiscal policy  


Year 13

  Topic taught
Term 1 Consumer behaviour, imperfect information and behavioural economics. Economies of scale, market structures 
Term 2 Distribution of wealth, public and private goods, public ownership
Term 3 National data, aggregate demand, economic cycle, unemployment, inflation and deflation 
Term 4 Fiscal policy, supply side policy, globalisation, trade, Balance of payments 
Term 5 Economic growth and revision 


Feedback from my child suggests they are really pleased with the approach from the teaching staff.