Exam board: AQA


Year 9

  Topic taught
Term 1 Business Owners 
Term 2 Employability / Recruitment 
Term 3 Ownership 
Term 4 Marketing 
Term 5 Product design 
Term 6 Business challenge 


Year 10

  Topic taught 
Term 1 The purpose and nature of business, Business ownership, aims and objectives 
Term 2 Stakeholders, business locations, business planning 
Term 3 Technology, ethics and environmental considerations for business
Term 4 Economic climate on business, Globalisation, legislation 
Term 5 Competitive environment, organisational structures, recruitment and selection 
Term 6 Motivating employees, training 


Year 11

  Topic taught
Term 1 Business operations, production, procurement, quality 
Term 2 Marketing, customer needs, Segmentation, market research, 4 P’s 
Term 3 4 P’s 
Term 4 Sources of finance, cash flow, breakeven 
Term 5 Analysing financial performance