Music Technology

Exam board: Edexcel


Year 12

  Topic taught
Term 1 Pre-requisite knowledge
Term 2 Pre-requisite knowledge
Term 3 Pre-requisite knowledge
Term 4 Pre-requisite knowledge
Term 5 Pre-requisite knowledge
Term 6 Pre-requisite knowledge


Year 13

  Topic taught
Term 1 Recording: Mixing Project 1. Composing: Mark Scheme overview. Recap: Direct to Mono Recording. Exam style questions workshop. Sample Rate and Bit Depth. 
Term 2 Recording: Mixing Project 2. Composing: Continue Edexcel Brief. Recap: Early multitrack recording. Exam style questions workshop. Mock Exam. EFX in Depth. 
Term 3 Recording: Mixing Project 3. Composing: Continue Edexcel Brief. Recap: Large scale multi-track recording. Exam styles questions workshop. Synths in Depth (FM). 
Term 4 Recording and Composing: Continue Edexcel Brief. Recap: Digital recording and sequencing. Exam style questions workshop. 
Term 5 Recording and Composing: Hand in Edexcel Brief. Recap: Digital audio workstations and emerging technologies. Exam style questions workshop. 
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