Film Studies

Exam board: Eduqas


Year 12

  Topic Taught: Teacher 1 Topic Taught: Teacher 2
Term 1 Key elements of film form / film 1: European film Key elements of film form / film 3: documentary film
Term 2 Film 2: global film Film 7: contemporary indie film
Term 3 Film 6: American mainstream film Introduction to film movements / film 10: silent cinema film screening.
Term 4 Production work What is experimental cinema? / experimental film and auteur
Term 5 Production work Production work
Term 6 Film 8: British film 1 Film 9: British film 2


Year 13

  Topic taught: Teacher 1 Topic taught: Teacher 2
Term 1 Hollywood film: classical Hollywood Hollywood film: new Hollywood
Term 2 NEA production work NEA production work
Term 3 Component 1 section A, B and C revision Component 2 sections A,B, C, and D revision
Term 4 Synoptic revision Synoptic revision
Term 5 Synoptic revision Synoptic revision


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