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News Magazine Term 1 2022/23


  • Summer School 2021

    Frome College Summer School staff would like to take this opportunity to thank all the amazing students who attended our first ever Summer School in August this summer! We would also like to extend that thank you to all the fabulous parents who made it happen too. Without the parents’ neverending encouragement and humour, their positive and upbeat support and their willingness to push their child out of their comfort zone, Summer School would not have been the resounding success it was. Su Perkins and Dee Edwards were first informed we had secured funding to run the Summer School just four weeks before the end of the summer term.
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  • Hot Chocolate with the Principal Term 2 2021-22

    The following students were nominated to have a hot chocolate and a chat about their achievements and ambitions with Principal Emma Reynolds in term 2... Immy Turner Immy volunteers for Fair Frome and Purple Elephant (even throughout her school holidays) to help disadvantaged families and those with SEN. She helps out with cooking, washing up and running activities. In College Immy has gained a steady flow of achievement points.
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  • Maths Competitions Term 2 2021-22

    Senior Maths Challenge On 11 November, 28 of our talented A Level Mathematicians took part in the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge. This competition encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems. Congratulations to all who took part! Maths Olympiad for Girls On 7 October, four of Frome College's top A Level Mathematicians entered the UKMT Mathematical Olympiad for Girls. This is an extremely challenging competition aimed at girls and young women in the UK, designed to promote and celebrate their achievements in mathematics.
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  • Year 11 Mock Results 2021

    On 15 December, Year 11 received their mock results. We are impressed with the outcomes and are proud of the students’ hard work, despite the challenges and disruptions to their learning over the past two years. We wish them the best of luck during formal examinations in the summer!
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  • Workshops and Talks - Term 2 2021-22

    I Can & I Am Bus For over a week in November, the 'I Can & I Am’ wellbeing bus arrived at College. Every Year 9 student spent an hour on the bus with the team of I Can & I Am, where they enjoyed making pizzas and took part in a group wellbeing/motivation session. Further information about the charity can be found via: Positively You workshop During a workshop run by Positively You, students were introduced to fun techniques that they could use to revise, without having to rely on looking at textbooks. Methods included answering quick fire questions about animals and using mnemonics to remember words and phrases.
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  • Stourhead 75th Anniversary Art Workshop

    Stourhead, a local National Trust ground, has turned 75 years old! To mark this momentous occasion, 15 Art and Photography students, who were exploring the topic of ‘nature’, were privileged to be delivered a workshop by two artists. The group created feathers out of recycled plastic milk bottles, which were crafted to wrap around a wire structure in the shape of different birds. We expressed how nature encourages ‘well-being’, especially in light of the pandemic.
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  • 500 Trees Planted by Frome College!

    Tree planting at The Old Showfield Woodland Trust kindly donated a total of 500 trees (silver birch, rowan, hawthorn, dogwood and hazel) to be placed around the playground at the Old Showfield. Ms Reynolds, Mrs Gregory, Mrs Le Pivert, and students from the Eco Club dedicated an afternoon to planting these beautiful trees and making the area even greener – they will be able to say “I planted that tree!” in decades to come! Tree planting on site The Year 9 Grow It, Cook It team have also been busy planting a variety of trees between E and H Block – they look great! Thank you to Frome Town Council for your assistance during this activity.
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  • Festive Windows on Site

    Students in the Art Department have been creating festive windows to be displayed in N Block. The windows have created a festive and seasonal look for staff, students and visitors around site to enjoy. Thank you to all who took part! This project links with the annual community project ‘Window Wanderland’.
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  • Cadets Taster Field Days at HMS Collingwood

    A group of Year 9s and 10s travelled to HMS Collingwood in Portsmouth to experience some challenging activities following safety briefings and familiarisation with the equipment. The low-ropes course consisted of several wooden platforms that were separated by different obstacles, such as bridging gaps and swinging logs. Cadet leaders were nominated and they were tasked with safely moving the team across, over or around each obstacle to the finish point. The cadets were amazing and showed great leadership potential, alongside care for each other as they negotiated the tasks.
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  • A Magical Trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour

    On Tuesday 23rd November, Mr Drew, Mrs Pagan and Mr Barry accompanied 26 Year 9 Media Studies students on a fantastic tour of Warner Bros Studios in London, to see the ‘Making of Harry Potter’ exhibition. After an early start, students arrived excitedly at the studios, where they were whisked away to have a ‘behind the scenes’ lesson, looking at how the film went from script to screen. They were also shown a number of props and costumes, including Hagrid’s giant trousers and his giant prosthetic head! Following the lesson, students were taken down to the in-house cinema to watch a short introductory film to the tour, before making their way around the thousands of exhibits and items on display.
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