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News Magazine Term 1 2022/23


  • Year 10 Mock Interviews 2022

    In early May, Year 10s had a fantastic opportunity to practice their interviewing skills with the help of volunteers from local organisations across various industries, such as the Rotary Club, Frome Town Council, Dorothy House, Harris & Harris, and Wessex Water. We are incredibly appreciative that they gave us their time, expertise, and community spirit – thank you! Questions such as “What do you look for when choosing a job?”, “How are you going to achieve the skills you need?” and “What would others say are your greatest strengths?” were asked, to encourage proactive and engaging responses. The interviewers gave valuable feedback.
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  • Book Week 2022

    16-25 Book Club Elizabeth from the ‘16-25 Book Club’, aimed at young adults, came in to introduce the club to our students. The club meets up at 7pm on the third Thursday of the month at the Bridge Cafe, Selwood Road as they “want to see young people in Frome connect through the weird and wonderful world of literature”. For more information, visit Murder mystery Each House was allocated a day to solve ‘Murder by the Book’. Students used their problem-solving skills to help Sherlock determine not only who was the killer, but why and how they did it.
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  • Intermediate Mathematical Challenge 2022

    Gareth Everton, Sam Rottenbury and John Verwey all got Gold in round one of the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge in February, qualifying for the Kangaroo round! This puts them in the top 8% of all participants - an amazing achievement! To achieve this certificate of merit they needed to be in the top 25% of entries for this second round. The boys will also take part in the Senior Maths Challenge next year.
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  • Frome Busks

    We were very excited when Frome Town Council featured the College in their annual busking event! On Saturday 26th March, our students filled the streets of Frome with music (Rock, Pop, Blues and beyond!) during three glorious hours in the sunshine. They performed in various location across town: the Valentine’s Lamp, Stoney Street, Boyle Cross, Westway, Cheap Street, King Street, Black Swan Arts, Cheese & Grain. There was also a entertaining afterparty/jam session at 23 Bath Street in the afternoon, which members of the public were welcome to come and watch.
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  • CSI-themed Science Workshop for Oakfield Students

    Thank you so much to the Year 6 CSI investigators from Oakfield Academy for investigating the ‘break in’ of Ms Reynolds’ office. It was shocking who committed the crime! We are looking forward to welcoming the next group from Oakfield and Avanti Park school later in the year for some fun CSI-based science at Frome College. A good time was had by all analysing mysterious chemicals, blood spatters and more!
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  • National Grid STEM Day

    On 31 March, 50 students nominated from STEM subjects participated in the National Grid Day at Frome College. This all-day event brought experts in renewable energy from the Smallpiece Trust to work with our students on creating smart motors. Groups of six took on different roles in the renewable energy industry to research, spec out and create products. Each team presented their final work to the panel of experts, as well as their peers.
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  • Year 13 ‘Debut’ exhibition

    On 24th March, Frome College launched a new exhibition entitled ‘Debut’ at the Gallery at the Station in Frome, which showcases self-initiated artwork by Year 13 students, who created the pieces alongside their studies. Starting with a well-attended private view that brought students, friends, and families together, the exhibition is became open to the public! Emma Knibbs, Head of Art at Frome College said, “Congratulations to the students on a magnificent exhibit, we are all so proud of these young people who have worked hard to prepare work for this show." "Special thanks go to Ben, Lisa and Tom at the Gallery at the Station for hosting and supporting this event, which has given our students such a memorable occasion to show their work to the community. It’s a beautiful space that has enhanced the work of our young artists.
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  • Einstein House charity marathon

    On Friday 18th March, Einstein House held a charity marathon which raised an impressive £750! The funds will be split between supporting those affected by the crisis in the Ukraine, and will also go to ‘I Can and I Am’, a charity whose transition work with Year 9 at the start of the academic year was outstanding. Over 100 runners took part in the challenge on the College’s top field, working in teams of three or four to cover around 80 laps between them (equating to 26 miles). Congratulations to everyone who participated.
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  • Rotary Young Leadership Award 2022

    The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is an “intensive” experience with the aim of developing participants’ leadership skills while bonding with teammates. Sixth Former Aaron Bowring, who took part in this experience, said, “It was wonderful, I don’t regret a single moment of it. “I met an absolute plethora of people and have made some friends for life. The whole week was unforgettable, and we’re already arranging the next time we can see each other!
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  • Caribbean Dance Workshops

      Thank you to State of Emergency, (a dance, theatre and music production company) for teaching our BTEC Dance students to Caribbean dance during in February. During these free workshops, the students were educated about the Windrush generation and how Caribbean dancers influenced our dance during World War II. For more information about State of Emergency, please visit
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