Physics Students Shine in Olympiad

Our Science students have achieved outstanding results in prestigious physics competitions this year.

In the Physics Olympiad, year 13 student Gareth E. qualified for the gold level in the first round - a top accomplishment as only the top 5.9% of participants reach gold. He now has the opportunity to advance to the second round and potentially earn a coveted spot at the Oxford training camp.

In addition, Gareth E. along with Tom K. and Toby E. participated in the global Physics Challenge and earned high merits, placing them in the top 16% to 35% out of over 7,000 total participants. Their high scores demonstrate exceptional skill and dedication to physics.

Emma Reynolds, Principal, expressed pride in the students' achievements: "We are incredibly proud of all our physics students for their success in these challenging competitions this year. Their accomplishments show their immense talent and passion for physics."

The school's physics competitors devote significant time and effort to preparing for these olympiads and challenges. Their commitment involves studying advanced concepts beyond the normal curriculum and practicing complex physics problems.

The outstanding results this year cap off a strong showing for the school's physics programme. Frome College plans to continue fostering talented physics students by providing additional opportunities like the Physics Club and advanced seminars.

As Gareth E. advances to the next round of the Physics Olympiad and other students prepare for future competitions, we eagerly await what these motivated physics scholars will accomplish next.