Hot Chocolate with the Principal Term 2 2021-22

The following students were nominated to have a hot chocolate and a chat about their achievements and ambitions with Principal Emma Reynolds in term 2...

Immy Turner
Immy volunteers for Fair Frome and Purple Elephant (even throughout her school holidays) to help disadvantaged families and those with SEN. She helps out with cooking, washing up and running activities. In College Immy has gained a steady flow of achievement

Danielle Wheeler
Danielle is always getting achievement points and volunteering for activities. She has great attendance and punctuality, and is all round a very positive student. Danielle is keen to answer questions and help teachers. During the hot chocolate chat, Ms Reynolds was very interested to hear she’d like to become a herpetologist (someone who works with reptiles).

Izzy Matthews
Izzy models excellent student attitude and behaviour, often staying for an hour after school to take part in extra science learning. She participates in all areas of lessons and is extremely helpful.

Kelston Reynolds and Roman Harlock
In Dance lessons Kelston and Roman have worked together so well and made some fantastic choreography. Kelston started the course late and picked up the choreography very quickly with Roman’s help. They have just been such a pleasure to teach

Kaden Mounty
Frome Town Council were so impressed with his poem for the Big Green Week that they have published it in the Frome Times!

Harry Woolford
Harry goes above and beyond every lesson, but on one occasion he asked if he could teach the class because he had excellent knowledge of the period of history in the play his class was studying. He taught the class (and his teacher!) many things they didn’t already know, which will aid in students’ understanding of the play. He also offered to help people with any questions they may have in future.