Cadets Taster Field Days at HMS Collingwood


A group of Year 9s and 10s travelled to HMS Collingwood in Portsmouth to experience some challenging activities following safety briefings and familiarisation with the equipment. The low-ropes course consisted of several wooden platforms that were separated by different obstacles, such as bridging gaps and swinging logs. Cadet leaders were nominated and they were tasked with safely moving the team across, over or around each obstacle to the finish point. The cadets were amazing and showed great leadership potential, alongside care for each other as they negotiated the tasks.

The cadet field gun is made up of a gun on a carriage and a limber which contains the ‘shells’ (tent pegs!). The cadets first learnt how to lift the gun and limber as teams, and then when the two parts were combined. Afterwards they were tasked with wheel changes between the two sections. There was a gun course to follow and several points where actions such as linking the gun and limber, ‘firing’ the gun and wheel changing took place.

After several practices the cadet completed the whole event independently under supervision, improving on their times and teamwork. The teams were fantastic and really worked well together to complete the run successfully and build on their leadership skills. If you are interested in joining cadets, we meet on Tuesdays after school at 3pm initially in A12, before moving on to undertake activities.