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Year 9

  Topic taught
Term 1 Induction, Confidence, Challenging Situations
Term 2 Peer pressure, Resilience and Mindset, Family and changes
Term 3 LGBTQ Phobia, Consent and Sexting
Term 4 Employability and Different Relationships
Term 5 Sexual Health and Consent
Term 6 Healthy Lifestyles and Substance Abuse


Year 10

  Topic taught
Term 1 Seeing our qualities. Families. Family Planning. 
Term 2 CVs. Relationships and romantic challenges.
Term 3 Interview skills. Financial decision making. 
Term 4 Evaluation of work experience. Extremism and discrimination.
Term 5  
Term 6 Exploring influence. Drugs and alcohol. 


Year 11

  Topic taught: Teacher 1
Term 1 Building for the future. Emotional wellbeing. Exploring influence. 
Term 2 Communication in relationships.
Term 3 Healthy relationships.
Term 4 Independence. Emergency Situations. 
Term 5 Families. Building for the future. 


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