Year 10 Work Experience 2022

A big thank you to all the businesses who participated in our Year 10 Work Experience on 27 and 28 January. Our students learnt so much during their time there! Here’s what some of our students got up to during Work Experience...



Amelie O’Connor, Caspar Mason-Davies, and Izzy Matthews did their Work Experience at FromeFM, where they learnt the foundations of hosting a radio show. They aired a very impressive feature which included pre-recorded interviews with members of the Frome community, and ended with an interesting discussion between the trio about their experiences in a working environment, and how things have changed for them during the pandemic.

Izzy interviewed Cooper & Tanner about the sad passing of one of their colleagues. Amelie interviewed a member of Frome Town Council, who plans to make Frome carbon neutral by 2030 and utilise methods to reduce waste, in response to the climate crisis. Caspar interviewed our Principal, Ms Reynolds, about Covid guidance and precautions that took place in College, such as masks, the logistics of ‘bubbles’, and providing resources so our students could learn virtually.

Over the two days of Work Experience, Amelie, Caspar and Izzy learnt how to edit content, use software, and see the inner workings of FromeFM. They also enjoyed meeting and talking to people. Each student came across as very confident and well spoken on air, and they covered great points on each topic. Well done!

You can listen to their feature on MixCloud:


Frome Festival

By Aaron Whitby

My experience with the Frome Festival was great. I worked with them for two days and learnt how to hire venues, and because I want to be an actor, I wanted to know how to plan out ideas I may want to do. I also learnt about how important charity is and all the things the festival needs to do to keep running. On my first day I was given exercises like posters and a questionnaire that asked younger students about what they would like to see in the festival. I recommend that all students go to the festival and take part. I think the festival is the best way to bring all ages together and to be one big community. And it will especially help young people to develop their ideas and learn new skills.


Christchurch Nursery

Georgia Litterick, Leala Neale, Ashleigh Nicholls and Jack Spencer performed excellently during their work experience at Christchurch Nursery and received very positive feedback from Jude Isaac, who supervised them:

“I wanted to write to you to tell you how impressed I was with the students who chose to do work experience at Christchurch.
All four students worked in the nursery with me and I was so impressed with their enthusiasm and positive attitudes towards the work they were doing.

They built up excellent relationships with the children in that short time and couldn't do enough to help. It really was a pleasure to have them in the classroom.

They certainly are a credit to themselves and their school.”