Hot Chocolate with the Principal Term 3 2021-22

The following students were nominated to have a hot chocolate and a chat about their achievements and ambitions with Principal Emma Reynolds in term 3...

Spencer Sale, Will Swift and Toby George
Thank you for laying down wood chippings under the canopy. Over the winter, the flooring became too slippery to walk on, and had to be replaced by a safer surface. Gardener Jon Pincombe says “They worked very hard as there was tons to move around”.

Ronnie Downes
For being super in History. Ronnie is interested in history, politics, and is studying German to help him get a career in foreign relations, an area he is keen to join as he enjoys helping people.

Jack Loveless
Jack has been working very consistently and hard in English lessons.

Maddie Patch
Maddie works incredibly hard and is hugely motivated. Her commitment to achieving goes above and beyond is hugely inspiring. Maddie is courageous and has an inspiring ‘never give up’ spirit.