Frome College Blooms

Frome College Blooms

Frome College’s ‘Grow It Cook It’ students have won a prestigious gold award and a trophy in this year’s Frome In Bloom competition.

Course leader Emma Hurst said “I am so proud of the students. When the academic year was winding down for everyone else, things were heating up in the garden for the ‘Grow It Cook It’ students. They battled the high temperatures and low levels of rainfall so the garden was at its best for not only this event, but also Frome Hidden Gardens.

These events are an important challenge to the students, not only because of the hard work put in during the preparation, but because it is their opportunity to present and talk about their work with members of the public. ‘Grow It Cook It’ students work towards a new qualification- ASDAN short course in gardening, but the course also helps them make huge progress in their knowledge, skills and independence on the school allotment.

Whilst the hard work has been wholly the students, there are many people and organisations within the community that have and continue to provide support to us. Individual members of the community such as Annabel C have kindly offered their time and expertise to the students. The Allotment Association has provided us with a wonderful supply of compost, and alongside the Frome Rotary Club have always answered our calls for aid, this year financially supporting us to fix the damage done to our greenhouses during storm Eunice. Finally, Muriel Jones Allotments have been kind enough to think of us when fundraising and have presented us with a gift voucher to go towards next year’s planting and some plant feed. From all the students and staff, a huge thank you for your support, we really wouldn’t be where we are without you”

My son is very happy so far and is responding well to the new and more mature learning environment.